2020 International Conference On Computer Aided Design

The Premier Conference Devoted to Technical Innovations in Electronic Design Automation

November 2-5, 2020VIRTUAL CONFERENCE

Moderator Resource Center

Thank you for agreeing to be a Session Chair at Virtual ICCAD 2020! This Session Chair Resource Center is designed to help guide you through the virtual conference preparation and presentation process.

The ICCAD 2020 will take place purely virtual this year to reflect the current COVID-19 situation.

The presentations of all ICCAD papers are prerecorded this year. Each registered attendee of ICCAD will get access to all presentations via the Whova platform starting from Monday, October 26, one week before the actual conference start date.

Each paper is only briefly introduced within the individual 30 minutes technical session (cf. agenda on https://iccad.com/agenda) by a pitch talk of max. 90 seconds and followed by five minutes of Q&A. All live sessions will also be streamed via the Whova platform.

All the pitch talks are prerecorded to ensure a smooth operation during ICCAD. The individual pitch talk is then live broadcasted to the audience during the technical session. Thus, the interested attendee is asked to watch the full presentations in advance to the technical session.


Sandy Owens
Conference Program Manager


Important Deadlines

  • Friday, September 11 Draft Slides Available for Review Due
  • Wednesday, September 16 Session Chair’s Slides Feedback to Presenter Due
  • Monday, October 5 Final Slides Due
  • Monday, October 12 Final Prerecorded Session Due 
  • Friday, October 16 Final Prerecorded Pitch Talk
  • Wednesday, October 28 Training Date (“Virtual Speaker Breakfast”) starting at 8 am PST (UTC-8)

Slide Review

Available: Friday, September 11

Deadline: Wednesday, September 16

On September 11 all presenters are to submit their draft slides to the virtual ICCAD resource center for Session Chair review.

Sessions Chairs need to provide feedback to the presenters no later than September 16.

Instructions for day of event presentation to be sent out prior to Monday, October 26.


  • Only PPT, PPTX, or PDF files are allowed.
  • Only landscape format may be used.
  • Company/University name and/or logo may only appear on the title (first slide) page.
  • Are the fonts large enough (no smaller than 14 point)
  • Is there sufficient contrast between the background and content?
  • NO wildly flying animations
  • Warn speakers of fonts that show up strangely.
  • Check for consistency in punctuation marks

Please thoroughly read the guidelines for your session 
presenters as stated at the bottom PRESENTATION PREP on  https://iccad.com/resource_center/speakers

Virtual Conference Planning


Reminder requirements for speakers on the day of your session:

  • Ability to be online during the entire session
  • MUST have a stable online connection; decent audio (head-set) etc.
  • Be available for training on Wednesday, October 28 at 8:00 am PST (UTC-8)

Additional Information:

  • Virtual ICCAD will be held from November 2 - 5, 2020
  • All Virtual ICCAD presentations/content will be available for on-demand viewing for all registered attendees until November 19, 2020
  • Virtual ICCAD will run at US Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8)

Please stay tuned for further information. We count on your participation for an exceptional presentation of your session and an overall virtual ICCAD 2020 experience!