2020 International Conference On Computer Aided Design

The Premier Conference Devoted to Technical Innovations in Electronic Design Automation

November 2-5, 2020VIRTUAL CONFERENCE

MP Associates, Inc.
MONDAY November 02, 9:00am - 9:30am | Slot 4
Hardware/Software Co-Design for Machine Learning in Medicine
Wujie Wen - Lehigh University
Jingtong Hu - Univ. of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
Machine learning in healthcare is one area which is seeing rapid technology development and acceptance in the healthcare industry. Machine Learning (ML) in healthcare helps to analyze thousands of different data points and suggest outcomes, provide timely risk scores, precise resource allocation, and has many other applications. The increasingly growing number of applications of machine learning in healthcare allows us to glimpse at a future where data, analysis, and innovation work hand-in-hand to help countless patients without them ever realizing it. Soon, it will be quite common to find ML-based applications embedded with real-time patient data available from different healthcare systems, thereby increasing the efficacy of new treatment options which were unavailable before. In this tutorial, we will invite three speakers to talk about the latest development of applications of machine learning in healthcare, and how they stand to change the way we visualize the healthcare industry in the future. In the first talk, the speaker will present a neural architecture search technique to automatically generate personalized deep neural networks for life-threatening ventricular arrhythmias (VA) detection in implantable cardioverter defibrillators. In the second talk, the speaker will present new passive and active attacks on Deep Neural Networks in medical applications. In the third talk, the speaker will introduce new hardware platforms and neural network architecture design co-exploration techniques for fast and accurate magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in various cardiac interventions.

3D.1Personalized Deep Learning for Ventricular Arrhythmias Detection on Medical IoT Systems
 Speaker: Jingtong Hu - Univ. of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
 Authors: Zhenge Jia - Univ. of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
Zhepeng Wang - Univ. of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
Feng Hong - Singular Medical
Lichuan Ping - Singular Medical , CA
Yiyu Shi - Univ. of Notre Dame
Jingtong Hu - Univ. of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
3D.2New Passive and Active Attacks on Deep Neural Networks in Medical Applications
 Speaker: Yunsi Fei - Northeastern Univ.
 Authors: Cheng Gongye - Northeastern Univ. , Boston, MA
Hongjia Li - Northeastern Univ.
Xiang Zhang - Northeastern Univ.
Majid Sabbagh -
Geng Yuan - Northeastern Univ.
Xue Lin - Northeastern Univ.
Thomas Wahl - Northeastern Univ.
Yunsi Fei - Northeastern Univ.
3D.3Towards Cardiac Intervention Assistance: Hardware-aware Neural Architecture Exploration for Real-time 3D Cardiac Cine MRI Segmentation
 Speaker: Yiyu Shi - Univ. of Notre Dame
 Authors: Dewen Zeng - Univ. of Notre Dame
Weiwen Jinag - Univ. of Notre Dame
Tianchen Wang - Univ. of Notre Dame
Xiaowei Xu - Guangdong General Hospital
Haiyun Yuan - Harvard Medical School
Meiping Huang - Guangdong General Hospital
Jian Zhuang - Guangdong General Hospital
Jingtong Hu - Univ. of Pittsburgh
Yiyu Shi - Univ. of Notre Dame