2019 International Conference On Computer Aided Design

The Premier Conference Devoted to Technical Innovations in Electronic Design Automation

November 4-7, 2019The Westin Westminster Westminster, CO

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TUESDAY November 06, 8:30am - 10:00am | Monte Carlo

Clean Up Your Data
Tulika Mitra - National Univ. of Singapore
This session focuses on managing data in a secure and energy-efficient manner for SSD storage and bus-based communication architectures. The papers in this session propose novel strategies for fast sanitization of data in MLC Flash memory, secure data placement in SSDs, and energy-efficient approximations when sending data over on-chip buses.

4B.1Achieving Fast Sanitization with Zero Live Data Copy for MLC Flash Memory
 Speaker: Ping-Hsien Lin - Macronix International Co., Ltd.
 Authors: Ping-Hsien Lin - Macronix International Co., Ltd.
Yu-Ming Chang - National Taiwan Univ.
Yung-Chun Li - Macronix International Co., Ltd.
Wei-Chen Wang - Macronix International Co., Ltd.
Chien-Chung Ho - National Chung Cheng Univ.
Yuan-Hao Chang - Academia Sinica
4B.2Architecting Data Placement in SSDs for Efficient Secure Deletion Implementation
 Speaker: Chengmo Yang - Univ. of Delaware
 Authors: Hoda Aghaei Khouzani - Univ. of Delaware
Chen Liu - Intel Corp.
Chengmo Yang - Univ. of Delaware
4B.3AxBA: An Approximate Bus Architecture Framework
 Speaker: Jacob R. Stevens - Purdue Univ.
 Authors: Jacob R. Stevens - Purdue Univ.
Ashish Ranjan - Purdue Univ.
Anand Raghunathan - Purdue Univ.