2019 International Conference On Computer Aided Design

The Premier Conference Devoted to Technical Innovations in Electronic Design Automation

November 4-7, 2019The Westin Westminster Westminster, CO

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MONDAY November 05, 10:30am - 12:30pm | Capri

Emerging Reconfigurable Nanotechnologies: Can they Support Future Electronics?
Akash Kumar - Technische Univ. Dresden
Several emerging reconfigurable technologies have been explored in recent years offering device level runtime reconfigurability. These technologies offer the freedom to choose between p- and n-type functionality from a single transistor. In order to optimally utilize the feature-sets of these technologies, circuit designs and storage elements require novel design to complement the existing and future electronic requirements. An important aspect to sustain such endeavors is to supplement the existing design flow from the device level to the circuit level. This should be backed by a thorough evaluation so as to ascertain the feasibility of such explorations. Additionally, since these technologies offer runtime reconfigurability and often encapsulate more than one functions, hardware security features like camouflaging layouts and polymorphic logic gates come naturally cheap with circuits based on these reconfigurable technologies. This session presents innovative approaches to be devised for optimal circuit designs harnessing the reconfigurable features of these nanotechnologies. New circuit design paradigms based on these nano devices will be discussed to brainstorm on exciting avenues for novel computing elements.

1D.1Introduction to Reconfigurable Nanotechnology
 Speaker: Patsy Cadareanu - Univ. of Utah
1D.2EDA for reconfigurable Nanotechnology
 Speaker: Akash Kumar - Technische Univ. Dresden
1D.3Blurring the Line Between Logic and Memory
 Speaker: Vijay Narayanan - Pennsylvania State Univ.
1D.4Reconfigurable Emerging Nanotechnologies for Hardware Security
 Speaker: Xiaobo Sharon Hu ` - Univ. of Notre Dame
1D.5Paper Title: Emerging Reconfigurable Nanotechnologies: Can They Support Future Electronics?
 Speaker: Shubham Rai - Technische Univ. Dresden
 Authors: Shubham Rai - Technische Univ. Dresden
Srivatsa Rangachar - Pennsylvania State Univ.
Patricia Cadareanu - Univ. of Utah
Xunzhao Yin - Univ. of Notre Dame
Xiaobo Sharon Hu - Univ. of Notre Dame
Pierre-Emmanuel Gaillardon - Univ. of Utah
Vijay Narayanan - Pennsylvania State Univ.
Akash Kumar - Technische Univ. Dresden